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The awareness for testosterone boosters is now at an all-time high. People are now discovering that with the right product, they can also experience better testosterone levels and that they are no longer limited to taking testosterone replacement injections just to get their testosterone levels back to normal. Supplement companies are capitalizing on the rise of testosterone boosters, and that’s why we see plenty of new testosterone boosters on Amazon.
Amazon is the most likely go-to place for new testosterone boosters, and that’s where I learned about Ultra Gold. Unlike most supplements in its category, Ultra Gold appears to have the right ingredients and dosage, and best of all, it’s priced affordably, so most men can afford to buy the supplements. Price often equates to quality, but with Ultra Gold, the price is just another bonus that you can enjoy.

Regardless of its price, Ultra Gold can go head to head with any other supplement on the website. It’s the ideal supplement to have, whether you’re just testing the waters, or if you want some serious results. The reviews about Ultra Gold are all quite convincing, and the benefits of taking the product outmatch the price that you pay for it. It all seems too good to be true, but like any other product on Amazon, it’s important to compare Ultra Gold with other supplements to see if you’re getting better value.

In this review, we’ll examine Ultra Gold’s formula to figure out if Ultra Gold is the real deal, or if the product is all just hype.

What you need
to know about
Ultra Gold
Ultra Gold is a premium male performance-enhancing supplement that promises advanced testosterone enhancement and vasodilation.
It’s a product manufactured by UltraCore Supplements, a well-known and respected brand in the supplement industry. The company has produced some of the industry’s highest-quality supplements, and if that’s any indication, Ultra Gold could be one of the best in its category.

Ultra Gold’s benefits are suitable for men of all ages. Whether you’re trying to speed up your muscle gains or trying to overcome the signs of aging, or even if you want to improve your sexual performance, Ultra Gold has something in the bag for you. Testosterone enhancement isn’t limited to a single benefit, and with Ultra Gold’s impressive formulation, any of these goals can be attainable for you.

Compared to other premium male performance-enhancing supplements, Ultra Gold is priced on the lower end. It only costs $19.95 for a full month’s supply, while its closest competitor charges 4 times as much. As for the quality of the supplement, Ultra Gold can hold its own, even with other well-established brands. It features the right combination of ingredients, all properly dosed, to guarantee significant results.

What we like about
Ultra Gold

We have reviewed hundreds of supplements in the last 5 years, and we’re used to seeing products that try to trick their customers by using clever phrases, words, and even offers. We like how straightforward Ultra Gold is with its product. It’s rare for brands to discuss the timeline for results, as many of these brands aren’t potent enough to deliver significant benefits in a short period.

Ultra Gold is fully transparent with how their product works. Other products would try to convince their customers that their product works instantly, but we all know that’s impossible with oral supplements. Ultra Gold clearly defines the timeline for results at 8-12 weeks of consistently taking the supplement to experience the results you want. It takes a while for the body to adjust to the nutrients of the supplement, and this timeline is supported by various studies involving the ingredients of Ultra Gold.

The science behind
Ultra Gold
Superior testosterone enhancement is the focal point of Ultra Gold’s formula, and they managed to tackle multiple testosterone-boosting pathways to greatly enhance the results you get from the formula. Ultra Gold’s well-rounded testosterone-boosting core is what makes Ultra Gold exceptional, even when compared with some of the best testosterone-boosting products in the market today.

Improved testosterone production

A decline in testosterone production may be caused by medication, stress, aging, and other factors, and Ultra Gold helps your body optimize its testosterone production so you won’t experience drops in your testosterone levels. This is primarily done by stimulating the Leydig cells to speed up testosterone production so you can experience better testosterone levels.

Lower cortisol levels

Stress is a major factor that slows down testosterone production. When you’re stressed, the body releases cortisol, also known as the “stress hormone”, to change the body’s metabolic state. Cortisol lowers testosterone production, and Ultra Gold contains ingredients that inhibit cortisol to prevent your body from slowing down due to stress.

Lower DHT levels

Not all androgens are beneficial for the body. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a potent androgen, but too much of it can cause male pattern baldness, enlarged prostate, and acne. DHT is a metabolite of testosterone, and Ultra Gold has the right ingredients to block the conversion of testosterone to DHT, and this process effectively builds up testosterone levels while reducing the risk of side effects caused by DHT.

Lower estrogen levels

Some men are unaware that testosterone is also converted into estrogen and the levels of estrogen scale with testosterone levels. Too much testosterone can cause breast growth in men, in addition to mood swings and erectile dysfunction. Ultra Gold contains anti-aromatase ingredients, which block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Increased free testosterone levels

Free testosterone is the unbound testosterone that can bind to androgen receptors in the body. Much of the body’s testosterone is already bound to proteins, and the bound testosterone is used to carry out the regulatory functions of testosterone. To experience an increase in performance, you need free testosterone, and Ultra Gold has ingredients that can bind with proteins to increase free testosterone levels.

Improved blood flow

Blood circulation is important not just for your cardiovascular health, but also for your physical and sexual performance. Increased circulation helps improve muscle growth, pump, and recovery, and it also helps improve erection size and hardness. Ultra Gold contains potent nitric oxide boosters that help improve blood circulation to greatly improve your performance.

Why you need Ultra Gold

Testosterone enhancement is often thought of as a way for bodybuilders to accelerate muscle growth, or for older men to feel young once again, but testosterone enhancement has far greater benefits than many overlook.

Increased testosterone levels will improve your overall energy and physical performance, regardless if you do bodybuilding exercises or not. It has a feel-good impact on your mood and well-being that can support your mental health and performance. The muscle gain helps you optimize your metabolism to help you manage your weight better, and an increase in sexual performance only adds to your confidence.

Whether you want to improve your physique, enhance your energy, or avoid the signs of aging, Ultra Gold can do wonders for your performance. The benefits of advanced testosterone enhancement and vasodilation can be life-changing for men, regardless of their age, and this is the best supplement that would give you what you need to achieve your goals.

What the supplement industry
is hiding from you

Many are just beginning to see that Ultra Gold essentially exposed the secrets that a big chunk of the supplement industry is hiding from all of us.

You may have noticed that several supplement brands carry the same ingredients and formula. This is easy to miss if you’re not doing your research before buying supplements, and many companies take advantage of this by selling re-branded generic supplements.

These generic supplements are manufactured and sold in bulk to businesses, which re-sell the supplements under their brand. This allows them to skip the research and development phase of creating a supplement product, which saves them a lot of money. Unfortunately, these generic supplements pale in comparison to true premium supplements, which are developed from the ground up by reputable supplement companies, such as UltraCore Supplements.

Ultra Gold is wholly developed, formulated, and manufactured by one company, and this allows them to have full control over the ingredients and quality of the product. This also allows them to have a better understanding of male performance so they can provide support to their customers when needed, unlike other supplement companies that only resell their products.

Best of all, Ultra Gold beat them with pricing. At only $19.95 for a true premium supplement, Ultra Gold only showed how cheap generic supplements are, and it also showed how much customers can get for the same amount. Ultra Gold provides them with the quality and performance that no other generic supplement can provide.

Ultra Gold Results

As a supplement critic, it’s expected of us to be skeptical with every supplement that we come across. We can’t count the times that we were disappointed with the formula or the quality of the supplement, regardless of how “advanced” or “cutting-edge” the brand says it is.
With Ultra Gold, I had the same skepticism. I thought, for $20, it can’t be any good – but I was wrong.

The product feels premium from the time you get the package. I bought mine from Amazon.com, and if you’re familiar with how Amazon.com handles packages, you’ll understand my satisfaction when you see that the box and bottle are properly and securely packed. I singled out Ultra Gold from a bunch of other male enhancement pills since they were outperformed by Ultra Gold on the spec sheet, and I bought a bottle just to try it out.

I’m no athlete, but I try to stay in shape. I work out at least once a week, and that’s about my limit because I’m normally preoccupied with my other responsibilities. I try to watch what I eat, but I occasionally indulge myself with a burger or steak.

With Ultra Gold, I saw improvements that I never expected. I found myself energized and motivated to work. I increased my workout frequency from once a week to 3 times a week – now I’m working out almost every day. I gained decent muscle mass, I lost body fat, and I’m closer to being in the best shape of my life. I’m way more productive than I ever was. Most days, I still have enough energy after work to meet up with friends or go out with someone. I had enough in the tank to work out or do chores around the house.

I’m only 35, and I don’t feel old yet, but trying Ultra Gold makes me realize just how far I’ve fallen from my prime. Now, I feel young, energetic, active, and productive.
As for the sexual enhancement part, Ultra Gold makes you feel great while having sex. It simply turns up the intensity and passion, and I felt like I was in my 20s again. It’s something unique that you’d want to experience for yourself.

All in all, I can’t get over the fact that I only paid $20 for Ultra Gold. I got way more than I paid for, and out of all the test boosters and performance enhancers I’ve tried over the years, Ultra Gold gave me the best results.

Ultra Gold ingredients
Ultra Gold’s formula is complete with everything that you’d want from a male performance-enhancing supplement. The dosage, the potency, and ingredient combinations, all match with existing studies and clinical tests, so you can be sure that you get the performance you’ve always wanted.

Here’s where Ultra Gold truly shines. You can examine every ingredient in this formula, and you’ll be amazed at how much attention they put into creating this amazing supplement. Take a look at what you get when you purchase Ultra Gold:

Tongkat Ali

Ever heard of the Asian Viagra? Tongkat Ali became popular in the 90s right around the time when the blue pills were made available. Tongkat Ali is an extremely effective sexual enhancement ingredient because of its strong testosterone-boosting capabilities. It can improve testosterone production, retention, and it can also increase free testosterone levels.


Maca is a South American herb that has been used for centuries to improve livestock fertility. These days, it’s more popular because of its testosterone-boosting capabilities and its unique ability to reduce the refractory period. Having maca in the formula allows you to bounce back faster after having an orgasm, so you can get as many orgasms as you want.


L-Arginine is an amino acid that helps you regulate your blood pressure. It boosts nitric oxide levels in the blood, which relaxes the blood vessels to allow a larger volume of blood to pass through. L-Arginine helps improve muscle pump, recovery, and stamina, and it also improves the hardness of your erections.

Ginseng blend

Asians have used ginseng for years as a health tonic for various conditions. Mostly, Ginseng is used to treat impotence in men. Modern research shows that Ginseng has strong ties to testosterone, and it has a unique ability that boosts muscle performance and energy levels.

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